Privacy Policy | GAF claim its not a default in the Timberland shingles they are claiming its because of nail pop. A potential GAF class action lawsuit alleges that GAF shingles produced at an Alabama plant were failing prematurely due to cracking and seeks compensation on behalf of those who suffered damages as a result. Cut out the email traffic on this, as it can be used in court against us. However, 5-rib/R-Panel is far superior to asphalt shingles. The settlement is an important step toward protecting the rights of the victims and the public. Lifetime ltd. warranty on accessories requires the use of at least three qualifying GAF accessories and the use of Lifetime Shingles. It is time for another suit.
  • Perform an inspection to see if they are eligible 3. Its top selling roofing shingles, Timberline, have been installed on millions of homes across the US. Internal reports described laminated shingles as having a high failure rate in all regions and climates where they were sold. The main difference between HD shingles and Natural Shadow Shingles is the way the color is applied to the shingles. Terms and Conditions. All products were stamped as meeting the designation ASTM D3462, in effect falsely representing that the shingle has been manufactured, tested, and inspected, in accordance to the standard and meets its requirements. The shingles are about 22% efficient which is . My home and subdivision may have had the same shingles installed in 2006. i recevice a letter for Clark and Schlossberg v Gannetts class action settlementGCD_ 11093903-4, agreed lots of poc marks and tears revealing the fiberglass, roof did not last as advertised not a good idem not even near advertised life need to have replaced, people please understand if your shingles were defective and your contractor / roofing company didnt tell youyou really should have hired someone else also I am in NO WAY affiliated with GAF just used there products for years and happy. Nails/Sq: 256; Awards & Recognition: Good Housekeeping Rated; StainGuard: Yes $ - $$$$: $$ Durability & Toughness: Advanced Protection Shingle with GAF Dura Grip Adhesive; Exposure: 5 5/8" (144 mm . Is there a recourse for Canadian homeowners facing issues with their GAF shingles? The average age of the roof subject to a cracking complaint was 7 years. 2. GAF Timberline Shingles Settlement. He knows how to use the court system, so he does not have to do anything right; and GAF ELITE MEANS NOTHING! The lawsuits involved the faulty shingles that have led to many people claiming that the shingles have caused their houses to crack and cause other property damage. The payment of costs and expenses, and the incentive awards, will be paid by GAF and will not reduce the benefits under the Settlements. this comes to $3025.55 offer but I am having to spend a lot of money for a whole new roof. Date created: 2017-07-13 Name: A. Fullington Location: Myrtle Beach, SC Satisfaction Rating : Very Unsatisfied Review: "No Customer Service; Poor Warranty" My 25 year warranted Timberline shingles failed after 16 years, causing a hidden leak that resulted in a $2700 wall repair. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Top Class Actions is a Proud Member of the American Bar Association, Various Trademarks held by their respective owners. information here is for reference only. Fiberglass core is now exposed in many areas.Now looking to join another class action suit. What specifically does this mean? Property owners who experienced problems, including premature cracking, with their GAF Timberline shingles may have legal recourse. Is GAF now compliant with the testing standards? 8:11-mn-02000 (D.S.C.). And honestly I would agree with suppliers. The alleged defect may make the shingles prone to premature cracking, splitting or tearing, plaintiffs claim. See costs in your area We have been fighting with GAF and Florida State Roofing And Construction for over14 weeks and still are far from anything getting done.We even got the golden pledge warranty for an extra 800.00. what a waste of money. Betsy in the Mobile AL area 803-276-2532 will give you names at GAF to call; then you will be sent to someone who is operating as the authority of that division. lawsuits can be viewedhere. do not exclude yourself from the settlement), you may object to the settlement by explaining in writing why you do not like the settlement postmarked no later than March 16, 2015 to the addresses noted in question 19 of the Long Form Detailed Notice. You may be included if you own any property in the United States with Timberline Shingles made during the relevant time periods. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Hello, See how this product can help you meet your environmental goals.